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​​Time​​ ​June 6 (Mon.) ​June 7 (Tues) ​June 8 (Wed.) ​June 9 (Thurs) ​​​​June 10 (Fri.)​

INL Tour
8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. 

Yellowstone National Park & Jackson Hole Wyoming Excursion
8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Opening remark:
K. Beierschmitt​

​​9:00 Durakiew​iczLanderSmith
​10:30 - 11:00​Coffee break
​11:00 Reiseborough ​ ZwicknaglAoki
​12:30 - 2:00​Lunch
​2:00 Caciuffo
​3:30 - 4:00 ​Coffee break
​4:00 Sakai

Business Dinner ​​

06/06 Monday

8:00 am - 4:00 pm​ ​     INL Tour
8:00 Board Bus outside Fairfield Inn/Residence Inn
8:15 Travel to WCB for Badging
9:00 Travel to MFC
10:00 Arrive at MFC, proceed through security/ Walk to SSPFSF
10:15 Space and Security Power Systems Facility (SSPSF) Tour
11:00 Walk between facilities
11:15 Hot Fuel Examination Facility (HFEF) Tour 
12:00 Board Bus to travel to EBR-1
12:15 Lunch and tour Experimental Breeder Reactor-1 (EBR-1)
2:00 Board Bus to travel to ATR
2:15 Advanced Test Reactor (ATR) Tour
3:00 Depart for Idaho Falls

5:40 Board Bus outside Fairfield Inn/Residence Inn
6:00  WELCOME / PRE-REGISTRATION: INL Energy Innovation Laboratory (EIL)
8:00 Board Bus to Fairfield Inn/Residence Inn


06/07 Tuesday 

(session chair: K. Gofryk)

8:45     Opening RemarkK. Beierschmitt, Deputy Laboratory Director for Science & Technology​​​

9:00     T. Durakiewicz (NSF)

Title: "Electronic structure of UO2"

9:30     M. Jaime (LANL)

Title: "Piezomagnetism and Magnetoelastic Memory in UO2"

10:00   S. Conradson (Institute Josef Stefan, Slovenia)

​Tilte: "Loss of the Mott Gap and Formation of a Superthermal Metal in the Coherent Polaronic Quantum Phase of O- and Photo-Doped UO2+x"

Coffee Break

(session chair: R. Mariani)

11:00   P.  Reiseborough (Temple University)

Title: "Resonant Scattering Structure in the Topological Kondo Insulator SmB6"

11:30   J. Spalek (Jagiellonian University, Poland)

Title: "On the nature of 4f-electrons within Anderson lattice model: Gutzwiller wave function solution"

12:00   T. Park (Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea)

Title: "Superconductivity and non-Fermi liquid state in the pure and doped CeRhIn5"

Lunch Break

(session chair: A. Pikul)

2:00   R. Caciuffo (ITU, Germany)

​Title: "Synchrotron Radiation Studies of the Heavy Fermion Superconductor PuCoGe5"

2:30   S. Kambe (JAEA, Japan)

​Title: "The dynamical susceptibility in 115 systems"

3:00   J. X. Zhu (LANL)

Title: "Electronic and Magnetic Properties of Cd-Doped PuRhIn5"

Coffee Break

4:00   H. Sakai (JAEA, Japan)

​Title: "Anisotropic spin fluctuations and locally bound states in strongly correlated f-electron systems near antiferromagnetic quantum critical point"

4:30 I. Halevy (NRCN, Israel)

​Title: "Unusual temperature dependence of Mossbauer isomer shift in NpF4"


 06/08 Wednesday

(session chair: R. Kennedy)

9:00    G. Lander (ILL, France)

Title: "X-ray magnetic circular dichroism of actinides: can it help the localized/itinerant debate?"

9:30    M. Janoschek (LANL)

Title: "The valence-fluctuating ground state of plutonium"

10:00   J. Lashley (LANL)

Title: "Low temperature thermodynamics of the light actinides"

Coffee Break

(session chair: T. Klimczuk)

11:00   G. Zwicknagl (TU Braunschweig, Germany)

Title: "Dual nature of f-electrons and the utility of band theory"​

11:30   N. Butch (NIST)

Title: "Magnetic Excitations in URu2Si2 - Hidden Order and Antiferromagnetism"

12:00   N. Harrison (LANL)

Title: "High Magnetic Field Electronic Structure of URu2Si2"

Lunch Break

(session chair: J. Yu)

2:00    S. Maskova (Charles University, Czech Republic)

Title: "Physical properties of UNi(Zn,Al) and their hydrides"

2:30   D. Andersson (LANL)

Title: "Perspectives on the electronic structure of UO2 and modeling material properties"

3:00   L. Havela (Charles University, Czech Republic)

Title: "Structure, bonding, and magnetism in U hydrides"

Coffee Break

5:30 pm - 9:30 pm   Business Dinner

5:30 Board Bus outside Fairfield Inn/Residence Inn

6:30 Dinner: South Fork Lodge -

8:30 Board Bus to Fairfield Inn/Residence Inn

06/09  Thursday

(session chair: M. Salamon)

9:00   J. Smith (LANL)

Title: "Hill Plots and Some Observations"

9:30   J. Joyce (LANL)

Title: "Plutonium materials and the electronic structure from photoemission"

10:00   Y. Haga (JAEA, Japan)

Title: "Magnetic and transport characteristics of AnTX5 compounds"

Coffee Break

(session chair: D. Hurley)

11:00   D. Aoki (Tohuku University, Japan)

Title: "Fermi surface instabilities and quantum critical phenomena in uranium ferromagnetic   superconductors"

11:30   J. C. Griveau (ITU, Germany)

Title: "Plutonium superconductor PuCoGa5 below 1K: a specific heat study"

12:00   A. Pikul (Institute of Low Temperature and Structure Research, Poland)

Title: "Search for unconventional superconductors among YT2M2 and ThT2M2 compounds (where T=d-electron transition metal and M=Si or Ge"

Lunch Break

(session chair: J-C. Griveau)

2:00   R. Springell (University of Bristol, UK)

Title: "Exploring the actinide 5f states at the nano-scale"

2:30   J. Tobin (University of Wisconsin)

Title: "Covalency in Oxidized Uranium"

3:00   T. Klimczuk (TU Gdansk, Poland)

Title: "A new insight into the oxypnictides: NpFeAsO and PuFeAsO"​

Coffee Break

4:00 TBD​

4:30 CLOSING (T. Durakiewicz)


06/10  Friday

Yellowstone National Park & Jackson Hole Wyoming Excursion

8:00 a.m. - 8​:00 p.m.